1. Why choose Anyology? 

We help you do more with less. We blend in with your team effortlessly to provide a highly calibrated collaboration. We have many satisfied clients who will speak on our behalf upon request. For more details visit.

2. Who are the radiologists reading our studies?

We represent a group of expert radiologists trained to interpret reports from various subspecialties.

3. How do you manage quality control?

We have a quality assurance team in place to check the reports ensuring the best possible quality.


4. Do you have technical support? 

Our technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

5. How are you able to beat competitor’s prices? 

We run an extremely efficient operation without non-medical interests or middlemen. We pass on savings to you.

6. Can you provide a final report? 

We can provide preliminary reports for countries all over the world and final reads depending on the availability of radiologists licensed to operate in your state.

7. How secure is your system? 

Our technology is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant. Our processes and technical infrastructure ensures  confidential data management.

8. What is the typical timeframe for implementing Anyology’s Radiology service? 

We offer an advanced turn-key technological solution and we can start servicing you in as soon as we receive a request for our services. However the timeframe will vary depending on credentialing requirements.

9. How can we get more information? 

Kindly contact us on doctor@anyology.com for more details.

10. We are ready to start using your services, what’s next? 

Once the contract between Anyology and the client is signed, Anyology team reviews the implementation process with your team. We first do a technical evaluation and install the necessary software for a minimal cost and then the process will be tested rigorously before going live.

 11. How Does Anyology differ From Other Tele service Providers?


* We offer the most advanced technology available today.

*Best doctors/ radiologists serving you on priority. 

*You get all subspecialty under one roof.

12. Do I need extensive computer skills? 

Computer/ PACS familiarity is very helpful, however you do not need extensive skills. We will train you on our software.